TN 9002 - Feed for pangasius/basa fish                             For young fish of 1gr to 5gr

Ingredients :

Proteing minimum 35% Calcium maximum 2%
Lipid minimum 6% Phosphorus minimum 1%
Fibre maximum 6% NaCl maximum 2.5%
Humidity maximum 11% Ash maximum 10%
Stability : 30 minutes



Raw materials :

  1. High quality fish meal, soya bean, tapioca, rice powder, vitamins, minerals and attractants


  1. Feed itself contents nutrition it is therefore unnecessary to be added with other substances.
  2. Fish breeding should be carried out on large water surfaces to make sure that all fish can eat enough, this will also help preventing wounds as result of physical collision and impact between fish while fighting for food.
  3. Fish breeding should be carried out in the evening so that fish can eat a good quantity.
  4. Quantity of feed for breeding is based on the percentage of the total weight of the fish in the pond.

Maintenance :

  1. Feed should be stored at dry, ventilated areas and away from direct sunlight.

Feed are free of prohibited substances as stipulated in directive number 15/2009/TT-BNN issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on 17 March 2009.

Expiry : 90 days as of date of production.